Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Instrumentation

Programme Code: CR_SPHYS_7
Mode of Delivery:Full Time, Part Time, ACCS
No. of Semesters:6
NFQ Level:7
Embedded Award:No
Programme Credits:180
programmeReviewDate:December 2023
Field of Study:Physics

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme the graduate will be able to demonstrate... :

PO1 Knowledge - Breadth
  (a) Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of, and some design capabilities in, a number of specialised areas of applied physics and instrumentation relevant to technological industries.
PO2 Knowledge - Kind
  (a) Demonstrate a wide-ranging knowledge of process control, quality and safety systems, in the context of the operation of process industries and the nature of their products.
PO3 Skill - Range
  (a) Diagnose technical problems in a wide range of instrumentation systems for measurement and control.
PO4 Skill - Selectivity
  (a) Identify and implement solutions to technical processes.
PO5 Competence - Context
  (a) Collate, manage and evaluate data.
PO6 Competence - Role
  (a) Work ethically and professionally as an individual and within a team.
PO7 Competence - Learning to Learn
  (a) Recognise the need for life-long learning and professional development and to manage own learning needs at both personal and professional levels.
PO8 Competence - Insight
  (a) Demonstrate an awareness and an appreciation of the need for safety, sustainability, personal responsibility and ethics within the workplace and society.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
PHYS6008 Instrument Measurement
CHEM6002 Chemical Principles
MATH6000 Essential Mathematical Skills
PHYS6011 Introduction to Physics
BIOL6007 Biomolecules and Cells
CMOD6001 Creativity Innovation&Teamwork

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
PHYS6018 Sensors and Systems
PHYS6007 Instrument Calibration
MATH6019 Technological Maths 2 & Maple
PHYS6042 Fundamental Physics
ENVI6002 Environmental Instrumentation
Module Code Module Title
CHEM6004 Fundamental Physical Chemistry
PHYS6010 Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS6005 Formula 1 Science & Technology
CHEM6003 Physical and Organic Chem
PHYS6013 Physics of Forensics
PHYS6016 Practical Computer Tech
PHYS6019 Sport Science Technology
PHYS6015 Physics of Sport
FREE6001 Free Choice Module

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
PHYS6021 Applied Physics
PHYS6030 Process Instrumentation 1
MATH6037 Mathematics for Science 2.1
PHYS6023 Digital Instrumentation
PHYS6006 Industrial Automation 1
Module Code Module Title
PHYS6010 Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS7020 Physics for Sustainability
FREE6001 Free Choice Module
CTEC7003 Technical Writing and Presenta
PHYS6038 Water Quality Instrumentation

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
PHYS6025 Introduction - Process Control
PHYS6031 Process Instrumentation 2
PHYS6024 Intro to Prog for Measurement
PHYS6022 Applied Optics
MATH6038 Mathematics for Science 2.2
CHEM6008 Quality & Validation

Stage 3 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
PHYS7009 Process Control
PHYS7008 Industrial Automation & SCADA
MATH7010 Mathematics for Science 3.1
PHYS7002 Digital Systems & Interfacing
PHYS7011 Programming for Measurement
Module Code Module Title
MANU7007 Validation Science
FREE6001 Free Choice Module
PHYS7021 Quality Systems

Stage 3 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
PHYS7019 Work Placement/Project (extended)
PHYS7013 Telemetry
Group Elective 1
Module Code Module Title
ATOM7001 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
PHYS7004 Industrial Comms & Networks
Module Code Module Title
PHYS7018 Methodological Research
PHYS7010 Process Engineering