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HOSP7051 - Food Packaging and Design

Title:Food Packaging and Design
Long Title:Food Packaging and Design
Module Code:HOSP7051
Duration:1 Semester
Credits: 5
NFQ Level:Intermediate
Field of Study: Hospitality
Valid From: Semester 1 - 2017/18 ( September 2017 )
Module Delivered in 1 programme(s)
Module Coordinator: Noel Murray
Module Author: MARY MC CARTHY
Module Description: The learner will gain a comprehensive understanding and critical awareness of packaging design in general, of the issues that determine a client's brief and how they influence a designers approach including marketing and branding concerns. The dynamics of the retail situation, environmental considerations, functionality and legal requirements will be investigated.
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to:
LO1 Evaluate the branding retail environment and the significance of packaging as a component of the marketing mix, for food and beverage products.
LO2 Examine the functions of packaging taking into consideration the food characteristics that influence packaging and packaging materials.
LO3 Identify and critically evaluate 3-D forms and manufacturing processes as related to food and packaging design.
LO4 Discuss the product-designer relationship in the development of packaging for food and beverage products.
LO5 Design and apply food packaging for a self initiated food or beverage product, incorporating suitability, legal, technical and visual components.
Pre-requisite learning
Module Recommendations

This is prior learning (or a practical skill) that is strongly recommended before enrolment in this module. You may enrol in this module if you have not acquired the recommended learning but you will have considerable difficulty in passing (i.e. achieving the learning outcomes of) the module. While the prior learning is expressed as named MTU module(s) it also allows for learning (in another module or modules) which is equivalent to the learning specified in the named module(s).

Incompatible Modules
These are modules which have learning outcomes that are too similar to the learning outcomes of this module. You may not earn additional credit for the same learning and therefore you may not enrol in this module if you have successfully completed any modules in the incompatible list.
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Co-requisite Modules
No Co-requisite modules listed

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Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content
Marketing Considerations
Packaging in the Marketing mix. Brand Identity. Brand Manifestation. The retail environment. Product Differentiation. Packaging Dynamics. Proprietary versus own brand. Sector behaviour.
Types and Functions of Packaging
Types of packaging: innovative formats, active and intelligent packaging, smart packaging, biodegradable packaging. Functions of packaging. Material selection: characteristics and functions. Shelf Life considerations. Safety considerations of food packaging. Contaminants within food packaging materials. Migration from packaging components. Effects of packaging on the environment, including sustainability. Sourcing of packaging. Packaging for convenience. Consumer information on packaging. E.U.Regulations on packaging.
Research and Analysis
Contemporary case studies of 3D form and function of brand packaging. Visual research and communication of message through graphic design solutions.
Design and Development
Exploration of appropriate ideas, creative thinking and generating original ideas. Formulation of creative solutions in relation to set briefs. Recognise the production values and design requirements of studio based photography for packaging design.
Final, presentation of work with appropriateness of visual solutions of set objectives of the brief.
Assessment Breakdown%
Course Work100.00%
Course Work
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Assessment Date
Project Development of the packaging design process 1,2,3,5 20.0 Week 6
Project Portfolio assessment of completed packaging project. 1,2,3,4,5 50.0 Week 12
Short Answer Questions Packaging and functions; Design and Development. 1,2 30.0 Week 13
No End of Module Formal Examination
Reassessment Requirement
Coursework Only
This module is reassessed solely on the basis of re-submitted coursework. There is no repeat written examination.

The institute reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload

Workload: Full Time
Workload Type Workload Description Hours Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Lecture Related Theory 1.0 Every Week 1.00
Lab Packaging Design 2.0 Every Week 2.00
Independent & Directed Learning (Non-contact) Suggested reading, study and related assignments 4.0 Every Week 4.00
Total Hours 7.00
Total Weekly Learner Workload 7.00
Total Weekly Contact Hours 3.00
Workload: Part Time
Workload Type Workload Description Hours Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Lab Packaging Design 2.0 Every Week 2.00
Lecture Related Theory 1.0 Every Week 1.00
Independent & Directed Learning (Non-contact) Learning (Non-contact) Suggested reading, study and related assignments 4.0 Every Week 4.00
Total Hours 7.00
Total Weekly Learner Workload 7.00
Total Weekly Contact Hours 3.00

Module Resources

Recommended Book Resources
  • Calver Giles 2007, What Is Packaging Design, Rotovision [ISBN: 978-294036188]
Supplementary Book Resources
  • Demirci, Ali.,Ngadi, Michael O. 2012, Microbial decontamination in the food industry Novel methods and applications, Woodhead Publishing Ltd, Cambridge, [ISBN: 9780857095756]
  • Robertson. Gordon L. 2013, Food packaging, Washington, DC; Taylor & Francis [ISBN: 9781439862414]
  • Brody Aaron L., Flexible packaging of foods ., Butterworths, 1970. London
  • Coles Richard, McDowell Derek , Kirwan Mark J. 2009, Food Packaging Technology, Wiley Blackwell [ISBN: 978140514771]
  • Kozak Gisela, Wiedemann Julius 2008, Package Design Now, Taschen [ISBN: 978-382284031]
  • Hargreaves, Ben. 2004, Eat me : successful, seductive food packaging design, Rotovision Switzerland.
  • Yam Kit L., Lee D.S. 2012, Emerging food packaging technologies Principles and practice, Woodhead Publishing Ltd, . Cambridge, [ISBN: 9780857095664]
  • Wheeler Alina 2012, Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team, 4th Edition Ed., John Wiley and Sons [ISBN: 978-111809920]
  • Minguet Josep Maria, Abellan Miquel 2011, Eat drink graphics, Monsa Barcelona [ISBN: 9788496823976]
  • Food Safety Authority of Ireland 2014, Food Contact Materials Factsheet, Issue 1 Ed., Food Safety Authority of Ireland Dublin
This module does not have any article/paper resources
Other Resources

Module Delivered in

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
CR_OCULA_7 Bachelor of Business in Culinary Arts 5 Mandatory

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