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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering

BEng (Hons)
Programme Code: CR_ECPEN_8
Mode of Delivery:Full Time
No. of Semesters:8
NFQ Level:8
Embedded Award:No
Programme Credits:240
programmeReviewDate:June 2020

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme the graduate will be able to demonstrate... :

PO1 Knowledge - Breadth
  (a) knowledge and understanding of the principles of chemical and biopharmaceutical engineering and their underpinning mathematics and sciences; an understanding of the interfaces with the natural sciences; the ability to use this knowledge to achieve effective engineering solutions.
PO2 Knowledge - Kind
  (a) the ability to analyse chemical and biopharmaceutical processes, to apply current theories into the behaviour of these processes, and to interpret the application of chemical, bio-transformation and bio-processing science to the commercial production of chemical, pharmaceutical and biologically-active products.
PO3 Skill - Range
  (a) the ability to design chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and process plants from conceptual design through to commissioning and operation, to develop processes to achieve a desired product taking account of safety, environmental and economic issues, to manage chemical and process plant including staff and to manage projects to design and commission new or existing plant.
PO4 Skill - Selectivity
  (a) the ability to address an unstructured problem, and execute work which requires critical evaluation and decision making skills; the ability to develop and evaluate alternatives for a particular operation based on production specifications, safety, environmental and economic criteria.
PO5 Competence - Context
  (a) the ability to combine technical and other skills to define a problem, identify constraints, and employ creativity, innovation, and design, and to implement solutions using mathematics, science and associated chemical engineering principles.
PO6 Competence - Role
  (a) the ability to work alone, as a member of a team or a team leader; the ability to communicate verbally, in writing or using ICT systems; the ability to manage a project through all stages addressing safety, environmental and economic issues; the ability to manage production facilities.
PO7 Competence - Learning to Learn
  (a) the ability to use creative and critical powers to make choices and decisions in areas of uncertainty, apply chemical engineering methods to the analysis of complex systems, synthesise and integrate new information to create systems for process, equipment and product design, and take responsibility for their own learning.
PO8 Competence - Insight
  (a) an appreciation of the need for high ethical and professional standards; a recognition of the priorities and role of sustainable development; an ability to analyse the interaction of process, product and plant with the environment ensuring that appropriate standards of safety and environmental concern are integral to all activities.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
CHEM6001 Engineering Chemistry
PHYS6003 Engineering Physics 1
CMOD6001 Creativity Innovation&Teamwork
BIOL6007 Biomolecules and Cells
CHEP6002 Process Principles & Design 1
MATH6005 Engineering Maths 101

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
MATH6031 Engineering Computing 1
CHEO6001 Organic Chemistry Fundamental
CHEP6003 Process Principles & Design 2
MATH6006 Engineering Maths 102
CHEP6001 Process Engineering Labs 1
Module Code Module Title
MANU6013 Manufacturing Technology
BIOT6015 Bioprocess Eng Principles

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
CHEP7003 Chemistry for Chemical Eng.
CHEP7006 Particulate Systems
CHEP7007 Process Analysis
CHEP7010 Transfer Processes
MATH7006 Engineering Mathematics 211
Module Code Module Title
CHEP6002 Process Principles & Design 1
MECH6009 Engineering Mechanics
MANU7007 Validation Science

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
CHEP8003 Biopharmaceutical Engineering
CHEP7013 Process Energy Analysis
CHEP7005 Equilibrium Separations
CHEP8009 Equipment Design
CHEP7008 Process Eng Lab 2
Module Code Module Title
CHEP8018 Process Modelling
CHEO6001 Organic Chemistry Fundamental
MGMT7047 Technology Transfer

Stage 3 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
CHEP7001 Bioreactor Design
CHEP8012 Mass Transfer
STAT8004 Stats & Experimental Design
CHEP8011 Fluid Properties Analysis
CHEP8013 Product Design
CHEP8005 Chemical Reactor Engineering

Stage 3 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
CHEP8015 Process Design
CHEP7009 Process Waste Management
CHEP7011 Advanced Transfer Processes
CHEP8017 Process Engineering Labs 3
CHEP8023 Chemical Process Safety
CHEP7004 Control and Instrumentation

Stage 4 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
CHEP8028 Engineering Research Project
PLAC8009 Professional Work Placement

Stage 4 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
CHEP8014 Process & Properties Analysis
CHEP8001 Advanced Chemical Engineering
CHEP8030 Chemical Eng Detailed Design
CHEP8029 Chemical Eng Design: Group
CHEP8004 Automatic Process Control
Module Code Module Title
CHEP8026 Process Technology Transfer
CHEP8019 Process Quality Management
CHEP8008 Environmental Management
MATH8010 Multivariable Calculus

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