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Higher Certificate in Science in Software Development

Higher Certificate in Sc
Programme Code: CR_KCOME_6
Mode of Delivery:ACCS, Open, Fully Online
No. of Semesters:4
NFQ Level:6
Embedded Award:No
Programme Credits:120
programmeReviewDate:March 2020

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme the graduate will be able to demonstrate... :

PO1 Knowledge - Breadth
  (a) A knowledge of the theory, concepts and methods pertaining to the development, support and maintenance of computer systems and applications, to agreed standards.
PO2 Knowledge - Kind
  (a) An ability to apply knowledge of high level computer programming, computer architecture, networking and database systems in solving well defined problems in computer systems development and maintenance
PO3 Skill - Range
  (a) The ability to use standard tools and techniques in the development of new systems and in the deployment and support of existing systems.
PO4 Skill - Selectivity
  (a) The ability to apply suitable trouble shooting and problem solving skill to a range of computer related problems.
PO5 Competence - Context
  (a) The ability to develop a system to a predefined design and to maintain and support systems in a range of business settings.
PO6 Competence - Role
  (a) The ability to work ethically and professionally as an individual or within a team.
PO7 Competence - Learning to Learn
  (a) The ability to exploit available resources for self learning, to learn from experience and to identify his/her need for further skill or educational development
PO8 Competence - Insight
  (a) The ability to describe the wider social, political and business context within which IT professional operates and the need for high ethical and professional standards in ones work.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
SOFT6018 Programming Fundamentals
SOFT6007 Web Development Fundamentals
COMH6002 Computer Architecture
COMP6035 Computer Security Principles
MATH6055 Maths for Computer Science
CMOD6001 Creativity Innovation&Teamwork

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
SOFT6017 Modular Programming
COMP6041 Introduction to Databases
COMP6042 Operating Systems in Practice
COMP6027 Networking Fundamentals
MATH6004 Discrete Maths
COMP6043 Physical Computing

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
SOFT7004 Object Oriented Principles
SOFT7007 Requirements Engineering
COMP7035 Linear Data Struct. & Alg.
SOFT7022 Database Design
SOFT7008 Server-side Web Development
Module Code Module Title
COMP7036 Linux Administration
SOFT7006 Operating Systems
FREE6001 Free Choice Module

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
COMP7013 Object Oriented Programming
COMP7037 NoSQL Data Architectures
SOFT7019 C Programming
SOFT7005 OO Analysis and Design
COMP7044 Systems Scripting
STAT7007 Probability and Statistics

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