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Certificate in Brewing and Distilling Operations

Programme Code: CR_EBRDO_7
Mode of Delivery:Part Time, ACCS
No. of Stages:5
NFQ Level:7
Embedded Award:No
Programme Credits:25
programmeReviewDate:March 2019

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme the graduate will be able to demonstrate... :

PO1 Knowledge - Breadth
  (a) demonstrate a knowledge of the science, design and development tools underpinning the function of the brewer and distiller, with particular reference to unit operations and other core brewing and distilling subject areas.
PO2 Knowledge - Kind
  (a) interpret process data and link relevant theories to the development of a process design, while remaining conscious of the limitations of the design process and cognisant of health safety and environmental issues.
PO3 Skill - Range
  (a) gather and analyse laboratory/pilot scale data pertaining to a brewing and distilling related phenomena (utilising empirical formulae, correlations and/or 'first principle' analysis to link theory with practice).
PO4 Skill - Selectivity
  (a) work as part of a team in a process setting while remaining cognisant of his/her own limitations.
PO8 Competence - Insight
  (a) demonstrate an awareness of the responsibility of the brewer and distiller within the process team.

Stage Schedules

Stage 1

Module Code Module Title
CHEP7015 Yeast & Beer

Stage 2

Module Code Module Title
CHEP7014 Raw Material & Wort Processing

Stage 3

Module Code Module Title
CHEP7017 Spirit Production

Stage 4

Module Code Module Title
CHEP7014 Raw Material & Wort Processing
CHEP7016 Fluids & Heat

Stage 5

Module Code Module Title
CHEP7018 Distillation Plant Design

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