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Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Marketing

NFQ Level:8
No. of Semesters:8
Official Code:CR_BMRKT_8
Mode of Delivery:Full Time, Part Time, ACCS
Embedded Award:No

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

PO1Knowledge - BreadthAn in-depth knowledge of marketing theory, principles, processes and techniques, and their application in business and not for profit organisations.
PO2Knowledge - KindThe connection between marketing information and research, and marketing strategy, marketing operations and competitive advantage; The implications of the marketing concept (customer focus) for company policies, interface with customers and marketing success
PO3Skill - RangeTechniques of planning and managing the marketing function, controlling marketing operations, brand development and brand management; Skill in planning and managing sales programmes; ability to define and execute marketing research projects.
PO4Skill - SelectivityAbility to identify market opportunity, select target markets, and design an appropriate marketing mix,to apply financial techniques and analysis to marketing,to employ empirical data effectively to aid marketing decision-making.
PO5Competence - ContextAbility to apply marketing theories across a broad range of business environments and to critically formulate and evaluate relevant options and solutions in a variety of marketing contexts
PO6Competence - RoleAbility to contribute positively both autonomously and as a member of a team and to work ethically and professionally with the capacity for innovation and supervision
PO7Competence - Learning to LearnAbility to identify and address continuous learning requirements at a personal and professional level in recognition of the transience of applied skills; the graduate will be open to change and will be willing to engage with new developments and practices in marketing
PO8Competence - InsightSkill to undertake marketing in a socially responsible manner, conscious of the effects of marketing on consumer well-being, the environment and the earth’s resources, and the ability to balance this with the drive for business growth and profitability

Semester Schedules

Semester 1

Module CodeModule Title
PSYC6002Behavioural Science 1
MRKT6004Introduction to Marketing
STAT6012Maths & Stats for Marketing
Module CodeModule Title
LANG6005Beginners Spanish
LANG6009French 1:Language and Culture
LANG6007German 1.1 (Beginners)
LANG6003Italian 1.1
MGMT6016Public & Business Institutions

Semester 2

Module CodeModule Title
MRKT6005Marketing Strategy Principles
ACCT6007Financial Accounting 1
INFO6014Introduction to I.T.
MRKT6010Introduction to Selling
Module CodeModule Title
LANG6010French2:Language and Culture
LANG6012German 1.2 (Basic) with Commun
LANG6004Italian 1.2
FREE6001Free Choice Module

Semester 3

Module CodeModule Title
MRKT6006Consumer Behaviour. Foundation
MRKT7012Financial Information Analysis
LEGS6001Irish Legal System
MGMT6030Management 1
MRKT7009Marketing Research1:
Module CodeModule Title
ECON7001Intermediate Microeconomics
MGMT6028HRM: An Introduction
INFO6027Information Technology 2.1
MGMT7023Project Management 1
LANG6029Spanish Language and History
LANG6018French3: Computers in Business
LANG6019German 2.1
LANG6026Italian 2.1
FREE6001Free Choice Module

Semester 4

Module CodeModule Title
MRKT6007Consumer Behaviour: Social
LEGS6008Consumer Protection Law
INFO6028Information Technology 2.2
MGMT6031Management 2
MRKT7008Marketing Research 2
Module CodeModule Title
MRKT6011Marketing with Social Media
MGMT6029HRM: Organisational Aspects
MGMT6033Organisational Behaviour 2
MGMT7066Project Management 2
LANG6020French 4 Language and Culture
LANG6021German 2.2
LANG6027Italian 2.2
FREE6001Free Choice Module

Semester 5

Module CodeModule Title
MRKT7013Marketing Communications
MRKT7003 Services Marketing
MRKT7014Marketing Management
MGMT7007Financial Management
Module CodeModule Title
MGMT7062Supply Chain Management 1
MGMT7004E-Commerce Infrastructure
MGMT7070International Business Environ
LANG7005French for Living and Working in France
LANG7006German 3.1
LANG6033Spanish Language and Mexico
LANG7003Italian 3.1
FREE6001Free Choice Module

Semester 6

Module CodeModule Title
MRKT7015Direct Marketing & Design
MRKT7007Marketing Project
MRKT8003Digital Marketing Management
MRKT7016Event Management
Module CodeModule Title
LANG7008Spanish Lang & Business-Mexico
MGMT7005E-Commerce Management
MGMT7008Global Marketing Strategy
MRKT7004Managing Services Marketing
LANG7001French 6
LANG7002German 3.2
LANG7004Italian 3.2
FREE6001Free Choice Module

Semester 7

Module CodeModule Title
MRKT8001Brand Management
MGMT8003Business Marketing Environment
FINA8003Financial Management
MGMT8018Strategic Management 1
Module CodeModule Title
MGMT8001Business Ethics
MGMT8012European Union Law 1
MGMT8026Interdisciplinary NPD 1
MRKT8002Fashion Marketing
MRKT8004Social Marketing
LANG6034Spanish Language and Argentina
LANG8007French 7
LANG8001German 4.1
LANG8003Italian 4.1
FREE6001Free Choice Module

Semester 8

Module CodeModule Title
MGMT8002Business Marketing
FINA8004Financial Management 2
MGMT8021The Business Environment
MGMT8019Strategic Management 2
Module CodeModule Title
MGMT8028Interdisciplinary NPD 2
MGMT8011International HRM
MGMT7024Public Relations
SPRT8001Sports Marketing
LANG8008French 8
LANG8002German 4.2
LANG8004Italian 4.2
FREE6001Free Choice Module

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