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Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

NFQ Level:7
No. of Semesters:6
Official Code:CR_BAGRI_7
Mode of Delivery:Full Time
Embedded Award:No

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

PO1Knowledge - BreadthA knowledge of the theory, concepts and methods pertaining to the development, support and maintenance of an agriculture related business meeting appropriate industry standards and regulations.
PO2Knowledge - KindFamiliarity with and ability to critique current theory in the field of agriculture and the ability to integrate theory with practical skills.
PO3Skill - RangeThe ability to analyse agricultural problems from various domains, design appropriate solutions and implement the solution to agreed standards including for example environmental impact.
PO4Skill - SelectivityThe ability to act as a team leader, analyse problems and apply creativity in designing and implementing solutions in an Agricultural Business environment.
PO5Competence - ContextThe ability to coordinate and supervise the development of an agriculture related business and maintenance of its activities meeting industry norms and standards.
PO6Competence - RoleThe ability to work ethically and professionally as an individual or within a team with a capacity for leadership exercising responsibility and good judgement.
PO7Competence - Learning to LearnThe ability to exploit available resources for self learning, to learn from experience and to identify his/her need for further skill or educational development.
PO8Competence - InsightThe ability to articulate the wider social, political and business contexts within which the agriculture professional operates and the need for high ethical and professional standards in one's work and in particular towards people and the environment.

Semester Schedules

Semester 1

Module CodeModule Title
AGRI6006Land Finance and Policy 1
AGRI6001Land Mechanisation
AGRI6002Animal Management 1
AGRI6004Crop Science 1

Semester 2

Module CodeModule Title
MATH6008IT & Maths
AGRI6007Land Finance and Policy 2
AGRI6009Agricultural Mechanisation
AGRI6003Animal Management 2
AGRI6005Crop Science 2
AGRI6008Food Science

Semester 3

Module CodeModule Title
AGRI6010Marketing Principles and Practice
AGRI6014Land Business Management
AGRI6011Animal Physiology/Nutrition
AGRI6012Animal production
BIOL6018Food and Environmental Science
Module CodeModule Title
MRKT6006Consumer Behaviour. Foundation
AGRI6018Market Gardening
FREE6001Free Choice Module

Semester 4

Module CodeModule Title
PLAC7009Work Placement

Semester 5

Module CodeModule Title
AGRI7002Agri Financial Management 1
AGRI7001Management Concepts and Practice
MRKT7011Selling and Sales
LEGS6001Irish Legal System
EPRO6001Protecting Rural Environments
Module CodeModule Title
MGMT7021Human Resource Management
BIOL7011Food Science 2
FREE6001Free Choice Module

Semester 6

Module CodeModule Title
AGRI7003Agri Financial Management 2
AGRI8008Agribusiness Enterprise
LEGS6002Aspects of Civil Law
BIOT6005Intro. to Quality Systems
ENVI7001Environmental Sc. & Ind. Hyg.
Module CodeModule Title
BIOL6011Greenhouses, Soils & Media
AGRI7006Sustainable Agriculture
FREE6001Free Choice Module

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